Live Puppy Cams

Watch the pups from time to time in live action.

**Cams will NOT be on at all times!




Streaming Media Platform

Lets keep the chat clean please. This is a family oriented website.

Anyone talking nasty will be removed & permanently banned!

Chat limited to MEMBERS ONLY.

If you are NOT a member, your chat will NOT show in the chat box.

Live Streaming Api
Video Stream

If you are a new puppy owner and wish to chat, ask questions….etc.

click on the name that XAT assigns you when you first come onto the page.

Then, change that name to whatever you wish to use and email us that name.

We will make you a member and you can then chat with us or the group.

Cams will go down 2 to 3 times during broadcasting hours (5 to 10 minutes) for

Scheduled cleaning of the Nurseries.

Cams may also go down due to weather, electrical issues, UStream issues….etc.

If this should happen, we will work as quickly as possible to get the cams back up and broadcasting.

If you are having problems viewing the Puppy Cams, you may need to either Up-Date

your FLASH DRIVER and/or clear your CASHE.


Note: There are ads that will come up during viewing that will ‘black-out’ the viewing area.

The screen will come back up after the ad completes.

Due to Technical difficulties, the Puppy Cam is down.

We are working on the issue and will have it back up and broadcasting as soon as possible

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