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Please Read Deposit Instructions Below The Waiting List


PhiChas Siberians reserves the right to 1st pick of ANY litter!

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You MUST have an APPROVED application in order to be placed on the Waiting List.
Text Box: Waiting

You MUST have an APPROVED application in order to be placed on the Waiting List.
Text Box: To be placed on the waiting list, 
Please fill out the 
‘Puppy Application’

Everyone on the waiting list has an APPROVED application!

Deposits are ONLY accepted through PayPal.

You do not need an account with PayPal to utilize their services, all you need is a debit or credit card.

PayPal is quick, secure, and will also get you your 

puppy pick order faster.

(please note: PayPal fees will be added at 4%)

♥ Females ♥


♥ Males ♥


  **  =  Rollover Deposit



The Puppy Pick order is dependent on the order of the deposit/full payment received.

Non-refundable deposits are not accepted until my Dams are approximately 4 to 6 weeks into gestation (once I am relatively sure my girls are indeed pregnant).


Once I decide it is time to place a deposit, it goes as follows:

At least 1 week prior to accepting deposits, an email will be sent to everyone on the mailing/waiting list to announce the exact day and time I will begin accepting 1st & 2nd pick deposits per gender.

All instructions on how to proceed will be in this email.

1st deposit in gets 1st pick, 2nd deposit in gets 2nd pick and so on.

If the number 1 and 2 picks per gender are not selected by those waiting on the specified litter in the deposit instruction email, any new approved applicant may have the chance to place a deposit for any available pick #’s.

I will only accept a total of 2 deposits per gender prior to a litter being born

(unless I believe a very small litter is expected, at which time I will only accept 1 deposit per gender).

Non-refundable deposits are made thru PayPal ONLY.

You do NOT need an account to use PayPal services, all you need is a debit or credit card.



(and an invoice thru PayPal) FROM ME TO DO SO OR IT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU!


If there are not enough puppies to fill the Depositor list, deposits will either roll over to the next Available Litter OR the Litter of your choice. **(Depending on the availability for any given litter or approval status).

Deposits can only be made on a specific Litter.

Deposits can only be made on a specific gender, Male or Female.

Once puppies are born, deposits can only be made on a specific puppy.

(Deposits are NON-Refundable & applied to the total purchase price *see pricing page for details)

Deposits are only rolled over under 2 circumstances;

One,  The litter is all one gender, and you wanted the opposite sex.

(For example:  you wanted a female and the litter turned out all males - Should this happen you may choose to change sexes & pick a male puppy from the litter, after the 1st two top picks have chosen their puppy or have your deposit rolled over).

Or two, in the unlikely occurrence that the puppy you choose dies. (Rest assured this has never happened).

**Roll-Over deposits MUST be used with-in 1 year or the deposit will be forfeited without reimbursement.


Depositors are Required to make their Pick/s with-in 72 hours from the time they are sent the newborn pictures.


Once the Deposit has been made, DO NOT send any further payments until the pups are whelped and you have made your pick.

I will then send the various payment options

available to you via e-mail!


You MUST have an Approved Application before I will accept your deposit.

To be placed on the waiting list please fill out the ‘Puppy Application’ for review/verification.


If you have inquired about a litter & are on the ‘waiting list’ only, and you have opted not to send a Deposit for 1st or 2nd pick Male/Female, a puppy will not be held for you, and you will not be able to choose a puppy until after those families who have deposits in have made their choices for their new family member/s.

If any family on the ‘Waiting List’ decides not to secure a pup with a deposit on any available pup, any new Approved Applicant/s will be allowed to place a deposit on the current puppies available.


**Please understand - If you place a deposit, then pay any more towards the puppy & then decide later that you no longer want the pup…….you will lose 100% of ALL money paid!

(deposit + installment payments included!)

See the ‘Pricing’ page for more information.


If this is confusing to you, email me and I will explain it further.


Please do not ask me to hold a puppy to determine eye color.

I cannot in good conscience let a good home for these precious puppies pass them by.

If you cannot pick a puppy with-in a few days (2 - 3 TOPS), I will allow the next

Approved Applicant to chose ahead of you.

I will always do what’s best for these magnificent Babies!!

It is the MOST important thing to me to make sure that the pups are in the

VERY BEST FOREVER HOMES I can provide for them!!!!