Tahki Zheveyo

PhiChas’ Tahki Zheveyo

Nickname: Taz

AKC Registered

DNA Registration # V645516

Scidera # C0757921


Taz has really come into his own!

He is a lover-boy and definitely Momma’s little man☺


He was definitely named correctly!

TAZ as in Tasmanian Devil….lol.

He is a whirl-wind of constant activity!

Even though he is an adult, we don't think he will ever outgrow his puppy-ness...lol.


He, and his cohorts (most all the others...lol) have decided to ‘pal’ up and create as much mischief as they possibly can.


Even when the little ‘Darlin’ is sleeping, you can just see his little mind working on his next attention getting Chaotic Scheme….LOL.


He actually is the only Sibe I have heard to have a true bark. He barks mainly when he thinks the others aren't ‘sharing’ with him…lol...he does still have the typical howl as well...howling to ‘voice’ all his other opinions!


Taz’s Momma is an Amazing

Saddleback Isabella White girl


Daddy is a very Handsome Black/White boy (see below)


Taz comes to us from the State of  Missouri

Thank you Lisa!


Taz’s Momma



Koda & Taz

Taz’s Daddy