~Liberty & Matar~



Price Per Pup: $850


Payment plans available

Liberty & Matar complement each other so well and this litter will

be a blend of the best of both parents


 Libby is a very comical, independent girl. She has a Standard coat.

ALL this girl wants to do is play, talk and play some more!

She is VERY vocal. Seems the only time she isn't ‘talking’ is when she is asleep...lol

 Libby has a VERY endearing nature and before you know it,

she gets under your skin….in a good way (most times)….lol!


 Matar is a highly energetic, slightly egotistical boy!

He has the typical Sepp/Alta coat.

He is a BIG momma’s boy and will do anything to please her.

Matar was bred and is built to run and pull….and he is definitely the best at his job!

But, he also has his sweet cuddly/goofy side and loves to snuggle up to his

humans for a good belly-rub every single night.

Its highly suspected that he believes himself to be royalty...LOL.


Another Perfect Pair!



These pups will be full of energy & very playful.


This litter would be best suited for a family that’s highly active.

A family that can keep not only the pups bodies active, but their minds active as well.



If interested in this litter, PLEASE research the SEPP/ALTA line

(not to be confused with the Seppala line).

The history behind it is quite interesting.

Names we give the pups at birth are generic and for our identification purposes only.

Once you choose your pup, please re-name him/her as soon as possible.

We will use his/her new name on a daily basis so your pup will know his/her new name when he/she comes home to you.

Each puppy leaves our home to yours with the following:

1.  A Complete Health Record. They are up to date on all vaccinations and de-worming when they leave our care.

2.  A Birth Certificate

3.  A 2 year written  Health Guarantee. ( Anything  hereditary or congenital - unless otherwise stated in your contract)

4.  A Deluxe puppy pack consisting of - a generous size bag of Premium Grade puppy food, a small bag of your puppy’s favorite treats, bottled water (for the trip home), a blanket with mothers and litter-mates smell, a 5 pack of puppy training pads, a puppy toy, starter collar, instructional materials on how to raise your new pup, a CD of all your puppy’s pictures  from birth and maybe even a few surprises.

 5.  AKC Limited registration papers (will be sent to you via snail mail upon receipt of record from your veterinarian of Spay/Neutering).        


All puppies get potty pad training & some discipline training i.e. the words ‘NO’, ‘Down’ and also their new name.