La Comtess Noire

AKC Registered


Trulee (or Tru, as I call her) is an amazing beauty.

Perfect stance, structure, coat & head-set!


She is a fantastic addition to the pack.


Tru is the embodiment of Excellence.

The way she puts her whole mind and body into everything she does is simply exquisite. She’s the complete package and has the cutest snow-nose to boot!


She is completely focused on everything she does...whether it be playing, running or learning something new, she is totally fixated on the task at hand.


I have never seen a Siberian Husky with such tenacity.


She is Truly (pun intended) AMAZING!


To say I am enamored with Tru is seriously

putting it mildly!

She is such a sweetheart!


Tru is from the state of Missouri


PhiChas’ La Comtess Noire

Nickname: Trulee