We are a small family run Hobby Kennel that consists of Sam & Charley, our grown children:

Erik, Joshua, Joel & his wife Linda as well as our Grandchildren (Millie & Lizzie)!

Everybody pitches in, even the little ones J













We take every measure to make sure that our house and all kennels are not only clean & safe, but also secure. We have Hi - Def security camera’s placed in various positions all over the front, sides, back of the house AND kennels (inside and out) as well as the yard.

We have recently added more security cameras as well as a home security alarm system.

Our fencing is 6’ dog wire (NOT chain link, which can be gotten out of very easily by this breed), it has steel reinforced concrete at the base of the entire perimeter with electric  fence wire at the middle and top.

This is for our puppy owners protection as well as the safety of our Sibes!

From day one we will handle & play with the puppies so they get the most socialization and extra special TLC to make the newest addition to your family the best he/she can be.

We do not breed for quantity…..Only for Quality! 

All breeding pairs are carefully selected and their backgrounds researched to compliment each other.

On the puppies 3rd day of age we will begin  Neurological Stimulation.

As soon as the pups are out of the whelping box we will begin potty pad training. They will get individual attention everyday of their lives with us.

We will also introduce very small bites of chicken breast, Black angus steak and other high protein laden foods such as ‘live culture’ organic plain yogurt, (for intestinal health) to your pups diet at around 4-5 weeks of age….these are essential to a Sibes diet for many reasons….as your Siberian grows you should also add Sardines in soy oil or a Fish oil supplement to aide in the reduction of shedding.

Your diet and your Sibes diet are 2 very different things!!!! They NEED more!  More Protein (BEEF, CHICKEN), more fat, MORE!  We cannot stress this enough!

If the weather permits, during the 4th week of age, we will also introduce them to the outdoors (not always possible in Oregon. The cold, wet conditions in an Oregon winter can be detrimental to your pup).

Once they leave our home for yours, it is up to you to continue training and to add the knowledge (via obedience classes or your own training) that your puppy will require to continue to be the best he/she can be. It is also up to you to provide veterinary care and to follow the schedule  of vaccines that is included in your Puppy Pack.

The devotion we have to our puppies does not end when they leave our care. We will be here to answer any and all questions you may have for the lifetime of your Siberian Husky.

All potential new owners are REQUIRED to fill out our puppy application. When/if the application is approved, and you choose which litter or pup you are interested in and you have sent your deposit/full payment, you will be REQUIRED to sign a puppy purchase contract (which will be either emailed or snail mailed to  you). If the puppy purchase contract is not received back to us within one ( 1 ) week we will reserve the right to allow the puppy to be purchased by the next approved applicant, with no compensation of any kind to the original depositor.

An application does not guarantee you a puppy.

An application is merely a tool we use to find the best of homes for our precious babies.

Only a signed contract will bring your puppy home to you!  

To join our Mailing/Waiting list  fill out our ‘Puppy Application’  for our review/verification.                                                               

Do NOT send any money until your application is approved and we let you know when we will begin accepting deposits, as all deposits are NON-refundable.


Once you commit to purchasing your new puppy, let us know his/her new name so we can start calling him/her by that name as soon as possible. We will use it daily. Your pup will already know his/her name when he/she comes home to you.



Here at PhiChas Siberians you will find honesty, straight talk, considerable knowledge and a sincere desire to provide the best Siberian Husky puppy to the best Siberian Husky owner!


PhiChas Siberians Reserves the right to 1st pick of ANY litter

Please do not let the influence of movies such as ‘Eight Below’, ‘Snow Dogs’, ‘Snow Buddies’ …...etc. be a factor in acquiring a Siberian Husky.

The Siberian Huskies in these movies were specifically trained to portray ONLY the good side of the Siberian Husky breed, although, they do show this breeds magnificent beauty, these movies do not show the true aspects of a Siberian Husky at all!

These movies increase the demand for the breed from undesirable pet stores, backyard breeders & puppy mills.

Once these movies come out, people think they want a puppy/dog ‘just like that one in the movie’.

Then, when they find out that a Siberian Husky is NOT like that ‘cute little puppy in that movie’, the puppy/dog is gone; filling shelters, foster homes & rescues.

Please do not be a part of the problem!

This breed, that we love and cherish so much, requires a ton of attention, dedication & commitment!

Please research the breed completely before deciding that you want to invite one to join your family.

You MUST understand that this is a LIFETIME commitment, not a decision to be made on a whim!

· Our Goal:

      To educate, inform & acquaint the public to the ups & downs of the Siberian Husky breed.


To advance & better the breed by breeding only healthy puppies free of hereditary & congenital problems.


To breed for demeanor, temperament, quality and soundness of mind & body.


To provide our puppies to only the best, loving, caring & nurturing “Forever Homes”.

Be sure to check out our Puppy Prep page once you choose your pup, to be ready

when your new little one comes home to you.

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