Macy & Kodi produced such a Fantastic litter with their last pairing

 I just HAD to do it again.


Macy is your typical Female Sibe, Playful and Silly when SHE wants to be,

and serious & stubborn the rest of the time….always on HER terms!

While she does have her very serious side, this girl loves to PLAY.

She absolutely LOVES her people.

She gets along well with the entire pack.

Macy is a talker (like her Daddy before her) and she has learned that she can manipulate her voice to get exactly what she wants….LOL.



Jekota Huskyn’s Kodi is a Very loving & intelligent boy! He has a Standard coat.

He Loves being a part of a large pack and gets along very well with

everyone in his Pack, both human and canine.

Kodi does not have an Alpha bone in his body,

he prefers to just be part of the family (even if someone else is being a

He has a voice, but chooses to only use it when needed.

He’s such a love-bug!


I am very excited to see what these two will produce this time ☺



These pups will be energetic, very playful & no doubt extremely loving!


This litter will be sure to please not only an active family/individual new to the

 Siberian Husky breed, but the experienced Siberian Husky lover as well.




*Price Per Pup: $850*

Payment Plans Available

(IF pup is purchased prior to the 4th week of age)

                                                     Jekota Huskyn’s

~Macy & Kodi~


Date of Birth:


Black/White & Grey/White coats.

Expecting all pups to have Double Blue eyes.


 1 Puppy Available

See below









Pictures Up-Dated ~ 01/25/2020

Pups pictured below are from Macy & Kodi’s PREVIOUS litter, they are NOT available


Names I give the pups at birth are generic and for my identification purposes only.

Once you choose your pup, please re-name him/her as soon as possible.

I will use his/her new name daily & your pup will know his/her new name when he/she comes home to you.

Text Box: ~RONIN~ 
Text Box: Female - ENVY  
Text Box: ~ASHER~ 
Text Box: ~GLACIER~
Text Box: Ken & Sarah J.
Rhododendron, Oregon
Text Box: Cody & Jessica W.
Creswell, Oregon
Text Box: Earl & Savannah W.
Tokeland, Washington
NOT Available
NOT Available
NOT Available

?Blue or Parti? eyes

?Blue? eyes

?Blue? eyes

?Brown? eyes

Eye colors posted can still change over the course of the next few weeks.

Text Box: New Video:

I have procured the service an outside male for this litter.




Thank you Jekota Huskyn!