~Trulee & Taz~



Due Date:




Expecting Grey/White, Black/White and  possibly Isabella White coats.

Most, if not all pups will have Double Blue eyes.













Trulee & Kodi are perfect together!


Trulee is a very congenial girl.

She has a thick, rugged Standard coat.

She is affectionate but not overly so.

Trulee has a voice, yet only uses it to let us know she wants something.

She’s determined to be a part of everything going on and always does so with that

big ole ‘smile’ on her face!

She is just very comfortable in her own skin ☺



Taz is a very goofy, highly energetic boy! He has a LONG, wooly coat.

He is very smart, yet likes to hide his intelligence….lol.

He gets along extremely well with everyone in the pack, both Male & Female.

This boy LOVES to play & run non-stop.

He is a vocal boy, and makes sure that we know exactly what he wants at all times.




Another Perfect Pair!


***Some pups from this litter MAY be Woolly Coated***


These pups will be cuddly little fluff buddies, that will do whatever

it takes to please their new owners!



This litter will be sure to please not only an active family/individual new to the

 Siberian Husky breed, but the experienced Siberian Husky lover as well.


*Price Per Pup: $850*


Payment Plans Available

(If pup is purchased early enough to utilize one of our payment plans.)

Names we give the pups at birth are generic and for our identification purposes only.

Once you choose your pup, please re-name him/her as soon as possible.

We will use his/her new name on a daily basis so your pup will know his/her new name when he/she comes home to you.